About Fabio Taglioni

His artful mind, his vision focused on design, and a rare talent for knowing how to put innovative ideas to good use, have created a series of ingenious motors which have made Ducati one of the most charismatic and fascinating motorcycles in the world!

When Taglioni first arrived in 1954, Ducati was a company that built low-powered motorcycles made for a market which was slowly recovering from it's disastrous post-war condition. Thanks to Mr. Giuseppe Montano, General Manager of Ducati, in 1953 the company started seriously considering the possibility of taking part in two-wheeled sports competitions. Mr. Montano approached Taglioni and said "I know your talent and I need you. If you build a 100 motorcycles to win the Tour of Italy, Ducati will stay open, because I only have one month's salary for my workers. If not, we shut down and everyone goes home".

During a forty-year long career in Ducati, Taglioni designed more than 1,000 engines, all quite different from each other: from low-powered engines featured on light motorcycles and scooters, to the super-powerful twin-cylinders of the Superbike championships. Not only were the motorcycles designed by Taglioni technically state-of-the-art, but they also possessed a charisma and appeal which are still unmatchable.

When Taglioni left, Ducati was a name known all across the globe as the sports and hypersports motorcycle par excellence.

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1974 Ducati 750SS
2002 Ducati 750SS
Neil Hodgson on Ducati 999R
Loris Capirossi on Ducati GP5

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